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The great bare room was in darkness save for the faint red of the fire. Before the fireplace sat the girl of the station, her hair gleaming with a new splendor in that light. She looked in mock reproval at Mr. Magee. While the conversation drifted on, Mr. Magee pondered in silence the weird mesh in which he had become involved. What brought these people to Baldpate Christmas week? His eyes sought the great safe back of the desk, and stayed there a long time.

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He watched the man lunge toward him in the moonlight. He saw the fist that had the night before been the Waterloo of Mr. Max and the mayor start on a swift true course for his head. Quickly he dodged to one side and closed with his opponent. “We ain’t heard from the young woman who started all this fuss over a little word,” Mr. Cargan reminded them. Hayden hesitated, and looked for a moment into the black eyes of Myra Thornhill.

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Professor Bolton turned his disappointed face ceilingward. Laughing, Mr. Magee sought the solitude of number seven. She followed the generous figure of the other woman up the stair and, casting back a dazzling smile from the landing, disappeared. Mr. Magee turned to find Professor Bolton discoursing to Mr. Bland on some aspects of the Pagan Renaissance. “They get more faultfinding as they get older,” replied Mr. Peters ungallantly, glancing at the other woman.

  • Then he burst forth into a whole-souled laugh.
  • Perhaps, in the cold gray dawn, he would see more clearly his way through this preposterous tangle.
  • Mr. Quimby led the way with the lantern, and presently they stepped out upon the road.
  • Mr. Magee told himself he had been a fool.
  • By the table sat Professor Bolton, wrapped in coats and blankets, reading by the light of a solitary candle.

By more subtle means than this must his purpose be attained. “A friend of mine—Mr.—er—Downs, Mr. Magee,” muttered Bland. He stood up, and in the light of the fire met Hayden. Now he saw that the face of the latest comer was scheming and weak, and that under a small blond mustache a very cruel mouth sought to hide. The stranger gazed at Magee with an annoyance plainly marked.

Mr. Magee responded that he was not one to indulge in needless worry, and a silence fell upon the group. Peters entered with coffee, and was engaged in pouring it when Mr. Bland started up wildly from the table with an expression of alarm on his face. “Is your—begging your pardon—is your history just straight?” demurred Professor Bolton timidly.

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  • That brief moment of seeming surrender was put behind forever.
  • Now for the first time he looked upon her as a flesh-and-blood girl, noted the red in her olive cheeks, the fire in her dark eyes, and realized that her interest in that package of money might be something more than another queer quirk in the tangle of events.
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  • Mr. Magee and the professor turned and ascended to the second floor.