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And now above the mutterings angry words could be heard, “That’s him,” “That’s two-hundred-thousand-dollar Cargan,” “How’s the weather on Baldpate?” and other sarcastic flings. Then a fashion of derisive cat-calls came and went. After which, here and there, voices spoke of ropes, of tar and feathers.

  • Then he slowly closed and locked the windows, after which he came and looked down with good-natured contempt at Mr. Magee, who sat in a chair before the fire.
  • “This chilly railway station wasn’t meant for such giddy language.”
  • He thought of the smooth crafty mountain of a man who had detained him a moment ago.
  • The windows were all of the low French variety, and opened out upon a broad snow-covered balcony which was in reality the roof of the first floor veranda.
  • Mr. Magee smiled over to where the great bulk of Cargan slouched in a chair.

He was forced to call into play muscles he had not used in what seemed ages—not since he sported of an afternoon in a rather odorous college gymnasium. In moonlight and shadow, up and down, they reeled, staggered, stumbled, the sole jarring notes in that picture of Baldpate on a quiet winter’s night. It was quite apparent that this wise little man carried no package wildly sought by Baldpate’s winter guests. Quietly and quickly Magee disappeared up the broad stair, and tried the professor’s door. Inside he could hear a window banging back and forth in the storm.

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“Well,” remarked Mr. Quimby, looking in a dazed fashion at his wife, “I reckon I’ll have to talk it over with ma.” “That’s the very reason I’m going to honor it with my presence. I’m sorry to take you out on a night like this, but I’ll have to ask you to lead me up to Baldpate. I believe those were Hal Bentley’s instructions—in the letter.” “Good lord!” he cried, “you don’t mean—you’ve really come.” Mr. Magee threw back his coat, and sprayed with snow Mrs. Quimby’s immaculate floor. “Don Quixote, my boy,” he muttered, “I know how you felt when you moved on the windmills.”

And yet—dim and heartless and cold was the interior of that waiting-room. No place, surely, for a gentleman to leave a lady sorrowful, particularly when the lady was so alluring. Oh, beyond question, she was most alluring. Mr. Magee stepped softly to the ticket window and made low-voiced inquiry of the man inside. However, to ensure the casino doesn’t go broke within a day, they have attached wager requirements that need to be met before the free spins winnings can be withdrawn.

“We shall no doubt become very good friends. For mamma and I have also come to Baldpate Inn—to stay.” “William Hallowell Magee,” he returned, bowing low. “I have a neat little collection of stories accounting for my presence here, from which I shall allow you to choose later. Not to mention the real one, which is simple almost to a fault.” “From tears to smiles,” said Mr. Magee, taking the girl’s hand.

By the side of the taller woman she seemed slight, almost childish. “Have you seen the pictures of the admiral, Miss Thornhill? Looking at them is our one diversion.” “Last night, Mr. Magee,” she said, “I told you frankly why I had come to Baldpate Inn. You were good enough to say that you would help me if you could. The time has come when you can, I think.” And found—his old friends of the mountain. “In here. There stands the very table.” What a fool he had been to suppose that such treasure as this would stay long in a hiding-place so obvious.

A man stepped out into the passageway. The light from a candle held by some one in the doorway whom Mr. Magee could not see fell full upon his face—the bespectacled wise face of Professor Thaddeus Bolton. Slipping this message under her door, the ex-knight hurried away to avoid an interview, and sat down in his chair before the fire. “If there is any way possible,” said the girl, “I must obtain that package. I give you my word I have as much right to it as any one who will appear at the inn. The honor and happiness of one who is very dear to me is involved. I ask you—made bold as I am by my desperation and Hal Bentley’s assurances—to aid me if you find you can.”

Throwing off his great coat, Mr. Magee noisily attacked the fire. The blaze flared red on his strong humorous mouth, in his smiling eyes. Next, in the flickering half-light of suite seven, he distributed the contents of his traveling-bags about. On the table he placed a number of new magazines and a few books.

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Over his shoulder, as he passed to the platform, he saw them look into each other’s eyes, and he felt that the memory of the admiral’s game would in time cease to haunt David Kendrick. “You will forget in time, I’m sure. And you may trust me—I had forgotten already.” And indeed he had, on the instant when his eyes fell upon theReuton Star. “Your words,” said Mr. Magee, “are engraven on my heart.” He proceeded to gather her baggage with his own, and was thus engaged when Kendrick came up. The shadow of his discovery in the smoking-car an hour before still haunted his sunken eyes, but his lips were half smiling with the new joy of living that had come to him. “Well,” she said, “you know now, I suppose. And it didn’t do you no harm to wait. I sure am glad this to-do is all over, and that child is safe. And I hope you’ll remember what I said. It ain’t no work for a woman, no how, what with the shooting and the late hours.” “This,” replied Cargan, “is the same old bunch. The same lily-livered crowd that I’ve seen in the streets since I laid the first paving stone under ’em myself in ’91. Afraid of them? Hell! I’d walk through an ant hill as scared as I would through that mob. Thanks for telling me, Dan, but Jim Cargan won’t be in the mollycoddle class for a century or two yet.”

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  • “If you mean me,” returned Cargan, “forget it. There ain’t no St. Helena in my future.” He winked at Magee.
  • Mr. Peters protested that his need of talk was urgent, but to no avail.
  • “Young man, with a nerve like yours, you could wheedle the price of a battleship from Carnegie. I—I—” He stood for a moment gazing almost in awe at Magee.
  • One, he said, sought out his apartments in an aeroplane.

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