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The seven-day rolling average is 1,576. We are not the only community that is going to struggle with the VOCs. There will be many and my guess, this will become the main challenge of most regions. PEI just became the last Province to report a VOC in Canada.

Since day 1, North Bay City Council and City staff have made the difficult decisions during the pandemic in our efforts to keep our citizens safe. Our low numbers reflect our communities efforts to follow the local and Provincial protocols. We want our local businesses to remain open and our community low risk. To do that, please keep doing what you are doing. Our frontline workers have been there for us since day 1. 3) Hearing and seeing on social media, our citizens making plans with friends to go to SUDBURY COSTCO to shop. What part of no unnecessary travel and supporting local business don’t we get? How about our unwavering support in an effort to protect our frontline workers?

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Pragmatic- We were realistic and sensible about the unknown and how we adapted in a frightening environment. We accepted the challenges we faced in a sensible way, that suited our conditions. We didn’t just obey fixed ideas or regulations as presented. Instead we embraced science and fact based protocols, stayed informed and educated. We lost an gentle soul here in our district. If you had a fire permit from 2019, it is valid until city hall reopens. If you didn’t, our staff are working with the fire department on a protocol for 2020 inspections and on line application . All facilities, benches and playground equipment is off limits per Provincial directives. We can’t sterilize the equipment to keep your family safe.

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With all the protocols, please remember face coverings are mandatory. There will be a very small number that can’t a face covering for medical reasons but that is a very low number. Please refrain from shaming these individuals. Please, please follow the protocols as this surge is 75 minutes away. I will do my usual update after 3pm but this update could not wait. Our citizens need to stay informed and up to date in real time. Sudbury is announcing 10 new cases today. Sudbury has seen 22 new cases in past 10 days. 8 of these cases, are with no known exposure. The virus is all around us and more than likely driving thru our city. I will ask again, we truly “really really really” need all of us to follow the protocols every minute you are around anyone outside your bubble. COVID-19 Update North Bay continues to keep our risk profile low but we are not out of the woods, let alone the whole forest.

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As the MLS and public records start to fill up, we’ll list the details here. is represented in Québec by Tour East Holidays Inc., a Québec licensee. Expedia, Inc. is not responsible for content on external Web sites. Any other action, is putting lives at risk. Our community spirit has a deep culture of helping one another. In North Bay, we know tempers are getting higher.

  • To see restrictions reduced, Hospitalizations need go down significantly, they need to see daily new cases fall below 1000 new cases a day and vaccination levels increase.
  • Support local businesses more than ever.
  • In reality, we as citizens of Canada and the world are being punished by the pandemic but not just by the south.
  • Please honour the spirit of the shutdown so we can get back to normal quicker.
  • Our vaccination rate average is 30.27% of our citizens in the district, above both the Federal and Provincial average.

We are still one of the lowest per capita in Ontario for positive cases. We have no unresolved cases in our city. We may now starting to see our actions from Thanksgiving weekend. Monday to Wednesday of next week will be the telling tale for us. There was no question people traveled here and our citizens travelled elsewhere for Thanksgiving.

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It is unknown at this time whether these additional individuals have a COVID-19 Variant of Concern. Currently only two residents within the building who have tested positive for COVID-19 have a preliminary positive result for the COVID-19 Variant of Concern. All specimens of those who tested positive for COVID-19 have been sent for additional testing, which takes days to receive results. Due to the small number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 in the Health Unit’s district, this has raised concern. This is especially worrying as two of the people who tested positive had a preliminary confirmation of a COVID-19 Variant of Concern. The protocols and Stay at Home Order are there to keep your risk profile low. Please do not panic but be aware the risk is much higher today than last week. Once a preliminary result of a VOC has been identified, the sample undergoes further testing to determine the exact strain.

OLG ‘crippling’ North Bay charities – North Bay Nugget

OLG ‘crippling’ North Bay charities.

Posted: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

I will continue to update twice daily and daily Saturday and Sunday. Ontario also reporting 299 new cases related to schools, including 253 students. COVID-19 Update (266-A) More Vaccine news for Canada. North Bay in danger of moving to the Yellow zone if our trend continues. A second mRNA vaccine from Moderna is expected to receive Health Canada regulatory approval soon and others are in the pipeline. COVID-19 Update (283-B) Our lockdown will be 14 days starting December 26th. Our stats are as follows; Total cases to date 113. Of the 113, there were 63 in Nipissing and 50 in Parry Sound. In Nipissing we have 3 active cases and 60 resolved, Parry Sound 13 active cases with 36 resolved and 1 death. One new case today, in the Parry Sound district. Hot spots are the usual spots, Toronto 646, Peel 502, York 263 and Windsor 173 with nearly 64,600 tests completed since the last daily update.

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